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Seen it before...

The flash isn't well presented, as others have already said about.
Also, this trick works because none of the original cards were there the second time round. :D


I must say that this is a lot worse than the original one! And, also, how can you call it number 2 when you have just done what is in the original real life action one and put it into flash?! Sorry...but this was poor!

Very good!

Wow...nice work. I liked this a lot. You must be very good with animation as that is the first flash I have ever seen that blends animation with real life action. Excellent. Keep up your impressive work!

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I liked it

I must say that I thought this is a good game. It is fairly addictive and it works well. It's a shame that you can't put spin on the ball but the wind does carry it a little.

Overall: A decent addictive game.

Nice concept.

The concept of the game is excellent but the problem I have with it is that it is too simple and doesn't get harder as the game goes on. Maybe work on Levels & do some more with the graphics and you can't go wrong!

Lots of Time...

I can see you have spent a lot of time working on this... and that's good because it all works well and on top of that, it's funny! It is superb and I hope you make more of these.

The only thing I don't like about it is that you haven';t drawn the icons yourself, you've just "print screened" them, and I'm assuming you used XP to make this as they are XP icons... unless that is intentional...

Anyway... Overall VERY GOOD... 5/5!

Well done!

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